Quote Of The Day WordPress Plugin (Be Like Forbes!)


How many quotes are in your database?

We have over 550,000+ quotes in our database from over 125,000 authors, categorized in 125 categories.

How are the quotes chosen?

Once you specify the quotes category you would like to subscribe to we will randomize the quotes and display a new quote on your site each day. If you do not like the quote you have an option to request a new quote from our database using the plugin admin panel.

Can I style the overlay to match my website?

Absolutely! you have full control on how the overlay looks and behaves. You are invited to style it as you please and provide your site visitors with the an elegant, informative and enjoyable experience.

What type of banner can I insert in the overlay?

You can choose to use either a static image banner with a destination URL or a rotating adtag such as AdSense, Media.net or any other ad network tag. (iFrame / JavaScript)

Can I install the plugin on more than 1 website?

You can install the plugin on as many websites as you like. That said – when you subscribe to specific license you get access to a certain amount quotes each month. Once you use up all of the quotes for that month you will have to wait until your quote allotment resets in the following month.

Can this hurt my SEO efforts?

There is no evidence that this plugin or any similar plugin have negative impact on your SEO. In fact – the plugin and this website have been proven (tested) to be fully compliant with Google’s mobile site compliance requirements.