1. Install Plugin
    1. Via FTP: upload the plugin into your wp-content/plugins/ folder
    2. Via WordPress admin: upload the plugin through the admin area
  2. Activate Plugin
    1. Activate the plugin on your WordPress website
    2. Goto WP Quote Of The Dayplugin settingand enter your CodeCanyon purchase code in the activation tab (will need for quotes)
  3. Interstitial layout Settings
    1. Choose what word or phrase you would like the skip button to say (default is ‘Skip’)
    2. Choose the background colors of the button both in regular mode and when the mouse is hovering over the button
    3. Choose the interstitial background color and its opacity
    4. Choose if you would like the quotes to appear with a circle around them or not
    5. If you chose to display a circle you can also define the color of the circle
  4. Quotes Settings
    1. Choose the category of quotes you would like to display
    2. Choose the font type & color for the quote
      1. You can also set the font to be italic and/or bold
    3. Choose the font type & color for the quote author
      1. You can also set the font to be italic and/or bold
    4. Optional: If you don’t like the quote that day you can request a new quote clicking on the Get New Quote button at the end of this tab
  5. Banner ads setting
    1. Choose if you would like to upload a static banner image or use an adtag (AdSense / AdNetwork tag – Can be iFrame, HTML or JavaScript)
    2. If you choose a static banner you can upload the banner image & specify the target URL
    3. You can also choose not to display a banner at all
  6. Interstitial behavior setting
    1. Choose on what type of pages you would like the plugin to work on
    2. Choose if you want to redirect users to a specific page after the click skip or to the destination they were going to
    3. Choose how long users must wait before they can skip the interstitial
    4. Choose if you would like to (force) redirect users automatically to the destination even if they don’t click on the skip button
    5. Set the frequency cap (days) – how often a user should see the interstitial